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Over a Decade of VFX Craftsmanship

Compositing, digital painting, 2d and 3d tracking, matte painting, beauty work, retouching and more. I have a broad skill-set and only use fully licensed software. Whether it’s for a feature film, commercial or high end corporate video, I pride myself in great customer service and impeccable craftsmanship. Check out my reel and shoot me an email today.


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Client and Co-Worker Quotes:

I’ve always been able to count on James to complete impossible tasks on schedule and to the highest standard of quality. And he does it with a smile on his face. His reliability, affability and sheer talent make him a pleasure to work with.
— STEVE EMERSON, VFX Supervisor at Laika
James is bar-none my favorite VFX pro to work with. No job is too small nor too big, and everything is executed with precision and foresight. I have thrown many last minute, complex visual projects at James, and he has always helped us get to the finish line in spectacular fashion. James is the man for the job.
— COOPER HARDIN, Producer for Triptent
James possesses that rare combination of skills that make him one of the most effective/breathtaking visual artists I know.   To each and every project he brings an attention to detail, creative problem solving and unmatched speed.  In almost a decade of working together, James has continually maintained an openness to collaboration and a focused work-ethic that make him an indispensable part of any team.
— Dave Hackenburg, Co-Founder at Boundary VFX
I’ve worked closely with James over the last several years and he has always been a top notch professional. He takes on the most difficult shots and delivers with flying colors every single time.
— Justin Graham, RotoPaint Lead at Laika


About Me


I am the proud father of three awesome kids and husband to an amazing wife who isn’t afraid to call me out on my shit. I’ve been noodling on guitar for the last 25 years and I do okay. I enjoy film, good television and reading science fiction, fantasy, thrillers, history and spy novels. My favorite thing is cooking dinner for my family in the evening. I have gotten quite good at it and hopefully the kids will learn to like my cooking one day.