Digital Paint

Digital paint comprises most of the work I do. I am well versed in the most complicated tasks needing paint work. Whether it’s multilayer procedural paint work with multiple cleanplates, powered by spline and grid warps across lighting changes, through reflective glass or behind flowing hair. Or maybe it requires tedious frame to frame manual painting. Either way, or a combination of both, shoot me an email and I am sure I already have or can find the right solution for your project.



2d and 3d tracking. It helps me power a lot of the visual effects that I do. I use Silhouette and Mocha for 2D tracking and Syntheyes for 3D. I typically use these skills to aid in my own compositing but am glad to help out with a track here and there if it’s presenting problems on your side.

Other services

Matte painting, beauty work and retouching. If you have any other problem with your film/video project, let me know and I am sure we can find a solution.

 Need a team?

If you are looking for a team solution for tackling larger scale projects, check out




From keying green and bluescreen to delivering final feature film grade composites. I have experience handling live action plates with CG and matte painting integration, deep compositing as well as stereoscopic. I have a keen eye for color, can integrate plates through smoke, dust or fog. I can handle comps with a large amount of varied elements, and certainly do love a challenge.


I also do roto.